SCB – Student Travel Grant

SCBO is pleased to announce Student Travel and Attendance Support Awards for ESA-SCBO 2022 to encourage SCBO and SCBO local chapter members to participate in-person in the conference. All SCBO members from anywhere in Oceania are eligible to apply.

If you are a student and a member of SCB, and are interested in applying to SCBO for travel funds to attend the conference, please visit:

ESA – Student Travel Grant

The ESA encourages student attendance at its annual conference by providing a number of student travel grants each year. To be eligible for a grant, applicants must: be a current financial member of ESA; be the presenting author of a talk or a poster; provide all details as requested on the application form; not have previously won a travel grant from the ESA; indicate in the application the projected travel budget inc the amount of any departmental or other support available; be a student presenter.

For more information and to apply please visit:

Image credit: Islay McDougall