Please read the below guidelines carefully.


Please note that all presenters must register to attend ESA-SCBO 2022.


On arrival at the Conference, all oral and poster presenters should first register at the Conference Registration and Information Desk which will be located on the conference floor of the Novotel Wollongong Northbeach, and will be open for the duration of the conference.


Poster Guidelines:

The poster displays will provide a forum for informal discussion. The poster should be self-explanatory, so that you are free to supplement and discuss particular points raised by viewers.

Remember that your material / illustrations will be viewed from distances of one meter or more. Lettering should be as large as possible and preferably in bold type.

Simplicity is the key:

•         brief captions

•         tables that are few in number but clear

•         succinct text

Poster size:

Each poster is limited in size to 1189mm high x 841mm wide (A0 size; portrait orientation).

Your poster MUST be portrait orientation.

Poster boards will be velcro-receptive boards. Velcro will be provided if required.

Poster Display:

Posters will be on display in the foyer of the conference floor of the Novotel Wollongong Northbeach.  Poster presenters are to ensure their posters are set up by morning tea on Monday 28 November.  All posters should be removed at the end of afternoon tea on Thursday 1 December. Please ensure all poster tubes and any packaging is removed from the display area.

The Barbara Rice Memorial Poster Session will take place on Monday 28 November, from 1745-1930. This is the delegates’ opportunity to meet you and ask you questions about your work. Please ensure that you are standing by your poster at this time.

Please upload a PDF of your poster via this link by Monday 21 November: Your poster PDF will be included in the Conference App. Poster PDFs should use the following file name convention: Poster Number_First name_Last name_Poster title.PDF


PowerPoint Presentations:
To ensure a professional and polished experience for both delegates and speakers, we request that you submit your PowerPoint presentation prior to the Conference. Submitting your presentation prior to the conference means that it will be loaded and ready for you to check in Speakers’ Preparation when you arrive.

  • Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners

It is a requirement of ESA that presenters acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land the field research was done on or place based research was undertaken. Please include this information, including the name of the Traditional Lands, on presentation slides (such as your sponsorship slide).

  • Inclusion of Preferred Pronoun

You are welcome to mention your preferred pronoun on your holding slide, as this will assist fellow attendees during Q&A.

  • Venue Screen Size

The screens in the session rooms are a 16:9 aspect ratio. Please ensure that your slides are set to 16:9 before you begin designing your presentation.

Please upload your presentation via this link by Monday 21 November: (select the file from your computer and upload. You do not need to have a Dropbox account to use the upload site).

Presentations should use the following file name convention: Session date_First Name_Last Name_Presentation title

Please also bring a backup copy of your presentation to the conference.

Please note that if you are using a web based program to create your presentation you need to provide an offline version (and have a backup copy of this). While you may be able to show your presentation ‘live’ using the conference wifi, you cannot rely solely on an internet connection to run your presentation.

If you have videos or other separate elements to your presentation, ensure that you have copies of these files with your presentation.

If you do not submit your presentation prior to the conference, please deliver it as early in the conference as possible to the Speakers’ Preparation Room, which is located in Executive Boardroom.

The Speakers’ Preparation Room will be open during the following times:

  • Sunday 27 November                      1400-1700
  • Monday 28 November                      0730-1700
  • Tuesday 29 November                     0730-1700
  • Wednesday 30 November               0730-1700
  • Thursday 1 December                      0730-1600

Please note that with over 400 presenters at this conference, there is likely to be congestion at Speakers’ Preparation, in order to avoid inconvenience we advise you to upload your presentation well in advance of your session.

Audio Visual Equipment:

Unless arranged prior, only standard audio visual equipment will be provided in the session room. If you have any questions or special requirements, please contact

Session Details:

Presenters are asked to report to their session room 20 minutesprior to the start of the session to check that their presentation is correctly loaded and to meet with the Session Chair. All presentations will be pre-loaded.

Presenters should sit in the front row during the session.

At the start of the session the Session Chair will introduce themselves, the topic of the session, and the general format for the session.

Oral presenters have been allocated fifteen minutes, which includes strictly 12 minutes for presentations and 3 minutes for questions/changeover.  Speed talk presenters are allocated 5 minutes, which includes 4 minutes for presentation, and 1 minute for changeover. It is unlikely that there will be an opportunity for questions during speed talks.

All presenters will be introduced by the Session Chair as per their details in the program in the Conference Handbook e.g. Our first speaker is Peter Smith from Western University who will speak on “Does x make a difference?”.  Unfortunately there is not time for longer introductions.

Session Chairs will be responsible for ensuring the session runs strictly to time as delegates may wish to move between rooms to listen to different presentations.

Your Session Chair will use a timer and will indicate when you are almost out of time. Oral presenters will receive a time warning at eight minutes to indicate two minutes remaining. The floor will then be open to questions from the audience. Speed talk presenters will receive a time warning at three minutes to indicate one minute remaining. It is important that you strictly adhere to your allocated presentation time. If you go beyond your allotted time the Session Chair has the authority to ask you to end your presentation.

If your presentation will allow time for questions and there is a point of discussion you would like asked during this time, please provide it to the Session Chair prior to the session start.

All the best for your presentation at ESA-SCBO 2022 

Click here to download a printable copy of these guidelines.